Hi! My name is Felicia Kay and I am a little ginger. 🙂 I am currently working through my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. I started this blog because my happy place is my kitchen. As much as I love thinking about one day owning my own restaurant, I love cooking as a hobby. I am no where near professional, but I am enjoying my journey of discovering new food, flavors, and techniques and creating art while cooking.

What I hope to achieve with this blog is to document my exploration through trying new dishes, offer my opinions and reviews of meals when I eat out, and above all inspire other aspiring cooks to try new things. I will often post pictures of my successes and failures, but I will rarely post full recipes. I want my readers to get creative ideas for their own creations. Every cook, situation, and kitchen is different, therefore so is every dish! I want my readers to take what I post and make it their own. Please feel free to share your experiences and inspirations with me! If you have any questions, comments, or need any specific instructions regarding a dish feel free to ask. 🙂

Food and exploring new recipes and techniques of cooking is my passion. Who needs five star dining every night when I have a kitchen? My greatest dream is to audition for Master Chef.”