Your input is so important to me that I want to give you your own page!

This is where I want to post comments, recommendations, feedback, reviews….

Anything you have to say, add, or suggest!

If you tried one of my dishes, TELL ME ABOUT IT! Did you like it? Did you add your own flair? What was it? Do you have low carb/cal/fat substitution ideas for something I’ve posted? Tell me so I can tell the world! Send comments, questions, criticisms, or even pictures!

You can either post it as a comment on the blog post it relates to or you can email it to me at

Especially like your advice to make it your own. I always reduce sugar and/or replace it with maple syrup or even Stevia, these days. And I try to use only the healthier fats etc etc etc…

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Awesome! Maybe this will teach me how to cook a little.
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